Why writing things down help us to remember?

I would like to present this superb graphic from Daily Infographic about writing and brain relationship. Writing can be a de-stress tool,  as well as have a powerful influence over its readers. You also probably heard that storytelling is a perfect tool to be used not only if you want to be heard and understood better, but also in marketing, press, company and product’s presentations, etc. But have you considered WHY?

The interesting thing is that using cliches – the phrases that are used and heard way too many times (like in Spain “I had a rough day” or “Love is blind”) are just read as words by brain and nothing more, it does not evoke any senses. So good writer should avoid using those.

The graphic also works as introduction into different parts of brain. It will help you to get a pretty straightforward understanding of neuroscientific information that most people run away because it is too complicated. But this is not the case, so enjoy easy education.

Dailym Infographic


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